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The Bosch 500 Series Review

The Bosch 500 series of dishwashers offer a lot of flexibility, great appearance, performance and energy efficient. Many customers love this dishwasher just for these qualities alone. Having a 3rd rack in 500 series will increase your load capacity by 30%. This is according to Bosch when comparing the models with just 2 racks. As for quietness, the 500 series operate at 44 decibels which is comparable to the 300 series dishwasher.

The inside of the dishwashwer is all stainless steel with a very polished look. People have said that whether they use rinse agent or not, the dishes still come clean regardless. There is a strainer at the bottom where you should check at least once a month. Most people say they rarely have to clean it but it’s a good idea to check it once in a while and make sure it does not get clogged.

For all Bosch Dishwashers an upgrade has been done with the upper rack. So the 500 series also includes a feature called Rackmatic where you can adjust the height of the upper rack. There are three different settings so you can adjust the height depending how much room you need based on the dishes or bowls you have on the lower rack.

Also with the 500 is the “Speed 60” which is a quick cycle wash – this is great if you are in a hurry to get dishes done. Have you ever been in a situation where dinner is almost ready and you’ve got only dirty dishes? If you can spare just 60 minutes you need not worry!

The “extra dry” feature is also standard with the 500 and this was added because some customers complained that occasionally their dishes would not be dry with models prior to 2017. Choosing this option raises the drying temperature so you never need to worry about having wet dishes once the cycle is complete.

Redesigned wheels also help to pull the racks out much easier than previous models.

The Third rack has also been upgraded to allow for more stemware room below.


The 500 series all have the controls mounted on the top which are not visible when the door is closed. We like this feature because when closed the washer looks sleek, without having to look at any ugly buttons. Do you like the idea of stealth? I sure do. Kitchens are not for buttons!


For the 500 series you can choose two different types of handles. On the SHXM65W55N model you will find a bar style handle which is pretty much found in traditional type dishwashers.

The SHPM65W55N has a hidden handle which is recessed into the front of the unit. It has a “recessed” look.  If you like a cleaner look this may be the option for you other than the SHXM65W55N.

The 500 series can be installed flush with your cabinetry if you are designing a custom kitchen or if you are just looking to replace your old one.

Color Choice

Stainless steel is elegant but you can also choose white or black but these are only available in the washers with the pocket handle.


If you are a fan of detergent pods, the 500 series has a unique design that when inserting the pod, it will dissolve into a cup near the 2nd rack. What’s great about this is that it gets mixed in right away so there is no time delay in dissolving the detergent – it gets to work right away! We like that – no lazy time just straight action!

Cleaning Cycles

The 500 series comes with 5 different washing cycles. If you are going to use the Speed 60 setting, be aware than heavily soiled dishes may not come out as clean so you should only use it if your dishes are slightly soiled or with the expectation that you may have to use a little elbow grease after to clean a dish off that might not be totally clean. If you’re in a rush, then this is your best option.

In testing, the heavy and normal cycle both take about 2 hours to complete and really the only difference is that they heavy cycle will use more water. The performance between the two would be dependant on how many dishes you’ve got loaded up and how dirty they are. Use your judgement here when deciding which cycle to use.


A really cool feature is the infolight. It’s a red light that gets projected to the floor in front of the unit when the machine is in use. This prevents you from opening it up accidentally.

Final Thoughts

Of the many people we talked to that use this dishwasher, they love the new 500 series. They have great features, look expensive and have great cleaning ability with good value. So whichever model you decide to choose, meaning the door style or color, rest assured you are getting a great washer with incredible value. To add to that, although the design is German, it’s built right here in the United States along with the 800 series – North Carolina to be exact!

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